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PTFE Tube Imperial

We stock PTFE Tubing in coils of 30m, 50m, 100m and 500m. We can offer custom sized PTFE Tube (may involve minimum production batches)

Metric and Imperial Sizes available for PTFE Thin Wall Tubing.

Next Day delivery as Standard.

Delivery options available to suit, timed and Saturday deliveries (may be subject to additional cost)

Pressure ratings assume 23ºC and ideal conditions. All values are meant as a GUIDE only.


Please feel free to enquire about prices by email at:


or contact us by phone:


+44 (01636) 816 612


or use the contact form page above!


We accept BACS, CHAPS, Swift Bank Transfer.


Standard coil lengths are displayed for common sizes only, we do hold other sizes but have not specified lengths.


PTFE tubing is virtually inert to all known chemicals and solvents, it has excellent non-stick properties and enjoys a wide temperature range from –200ºC up to 300ºC making it ideal for applications such as;


semiconductor manufacture 


water monitoring 


gas analysis


specialist fluid handling


PTFE Tube has a wide array of benefits:


- Virtually total chemical & solvent resistance

- Remains flexible at cryogenic temperatures

- Extremely low coefficient of friction

- Non-stick surface

- Extremely high electrical resistance

- Total resistance to UV irradiation

- Non-flammable

- Non-toxic and inert to body tissue

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