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PTFE Tube Chemical Resistance Table


The Chemical Resistance table below outlines many of the chemicals our PTFE Tubing can be used with, and it's resistance to them. PTFE Tube has fantastic resistance to almost all chemicals, and is virtually inert. This list is thorough but not exhaustive, other chemicals may be used with PTFE Tubing, but we cannot recommend anything outside of the scope of the suggested chemicals below. We supply our PTFE Tube for a wide range of applications requiring key characteristics such as; high heat resistance, high resistance to chemicals and solvents, high antiadhesiveness, high dielectric properties, low coefficient of friction, non-toxicity.


Note that the below table is meant as a general guide only. Each rating is assuming ideal conditions, all factors affecting chemical resistance must be considered.


GREEN = Excellent Resistance.

RED      = Moderate Attack or Appreciable Absorption. PTFE Tubing will have limited life.


Looking for a particular chemical? Hold 'CTRL' and press 'F' on your keyboard then type the name of the chemical.

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