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Welcome to PTFE Tube Supplies!


Here at PTFE Tube Supplies we offer PTFE Tubing to suit all manner of applications.

Polytetrafluoroethylene has a wide range of uses because of the nature of the material, it:

- is virtually totally chemical & solvent resistance

- remains flexible at cryogenic temperatures

- has an extremely low coefficient of friction

- makes for a non-stick surface

- has extremely high electrical resistance

- is totally resistant to UV irradiation

- is non-flammable

- is non-toxic and inert to body tissue


Our PTFE Tube specifications are available from the menu at the top of the page. The tube can also be used as sleeving tube for electical cables and wires.

Why our PTFE Tube?


Close Tolerances:

We specialise in making PTFE tubing to a high quality with very tight tolerances for uses in biomedical, electronics, CPI, automotive and many other applications. Keeping the tolerances so tight on our tubing gives us the edge when it comes to supplying quality PTFE tube and allows you, the customer, to rest assured that it will do the job!


Pre-cut Tube Lengths:

Our PTFE tube is supplied in standard coil sizes listed on our sizes page. For bespoke orders, PTFE tubing can be made and cut to specific lengths subject to minimum order quantities!


Special PTFE Tubing and Custom PTFE Tube


-Coloured PTFE tube: All of our tubing can be supplied in multiple different colours – call or email to enquire!       ¦ ¦ 01636816612 ¦

-Custom Filled PTFE tube: Multitudes of different fillers can be added to the tubing to change its characteristics, for example; anti-static, ceramic, and carbon filled for increased wear resistance.

-Microbore PTFE tube: Our PTFE tubing range includes microbore tube with tiny inside diameters made to our very tight tolerances and are usually available from stock.

-Special sized tube: Virtually any size of tubing can be extruded from 0.2mm up to 22mm inside diameter for customer enquiries we can assess our capabilities and quote you accordingly. Additionally we can supply rigid PTFE pipe in larger sizes.

-Profiles: We welcome enquiries for extruded PTFE tube profiles no matter how large or complex, we will do our best to meet your requirements!

Opening Hours:

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

​+44 (0) 1636 816 612


     PTFE Tube Supplies

     The Old Rectory




     EX39 5JA

About Us


PTFE Tube Supplies was formed as an outlet for Megaflex Limited to advertise and sell PTFE Tubing. 


No enquiry is too small or too large. We aim to please all of our customers.


We supply additional products on the Megaflex Website such as the products listed to the side and a wide range of fittings to accomodate the hoses and tubes.


As a specialist in hose supply we can recommend different hoses based on the application they are required for and our quotations reflect the different options.


Delivery is all standard rate,  next day regardless of order quantity.


We are open to negotiation on large order quantities and happily engage in such.


PTFE Tube can be manufactured to order also, for special tube requirements.

Our Services


​- PTFE Tubing

- PTFE Thin Wall Tube

- PTFE Microbore Tubing

- PTFE Sheets

- PTFE Rods

- Hydraulic Fittings

- Hydraulic Pressure Fittings

- PVC Ducting

- PVC Suction Delivery Hose

- Rubber Air Hose

- Rubber Oil Suction Delivery Hose

- Rubber Chemical Hose

- PTFE Sleeve Tubing

- UHMWPE Chemical Hose

- Slurry Transfer Hose

- Shotblast Hose

- PTFE Tube

- Diesel Oil Delivery Hose

- Mining Grade Hose

- Mineflex Hose M500

- Tube

- Tubing

- Tubes

- PTFE Sleeving Tube

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